Baby Your Newborn’s Eyes

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Parents can help ensure that their babies grow to see the world through healthy eyes. Doctors encourage parents to carefully observe their baby's eye development and to provide their newborns with special stimulation to promote full visual development.

"A newborn's vision development is remarkable. From their first few days of life, babies can distinguish between faces and other objects," says Dr. Paula Newsome, an optometrist, a mother, and a member of the Better Vision Institute (BVI) Advisory Council. She offers the following helpful vision information to parents so they can monitor their baby's eye development:

  • Crossed eyes-Muscle coordination of the eyes is not fully developed until the baby is about three to six months old. Therefore, it is not uncommon for eyes to turn in, so the child appears cross-eyed. If a baby's eyes do not move together and are not steady by the sixth month, consult an eyecare professional.

  • Color-A baby's color vision is not fully developed until the sixth month. To stimulate healthy development of color vision, make high-contrasting colors or black and white images available to a baby's eyes in the early months.

Tips to promote eye stimulation include mobiles, mirrors, people and stationary objects, such as stuffed animals.

Source: NAPSI

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