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Irish Cuisine

Celtic Apple Crumble with Irish Whiskey Cream Sauce

Apples have always played an important part in Irish folklore, tradition and diet, so it’s no surprise to find apple desserts in great supply and variety. This apple crumble, sometimes called ‘apple crunch’ when the apples are first cooked to soften them, is flavored with a respectable dose of Irish whiskey and topped with a buttery oatmeal crumble.

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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a Market Plate

St. Patrick’s Day in rural Ireland is steeped in traditions centered on farm and family. County Cork dairy farmer John O’Sullivan describes a typical observance.

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Top of the Mornin’ with Irish Scones

The Irish have the Blarney Stone and the gift of gab. They also have a genius for turning simple, unassuming ingredients into dishes glowing with comfort and flavor.

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An Irish Classic for St. Patrick’s Day

Irish chefs have gained the respect of world food connoisseurs, but they have not forgotten their roots. So although pub food has been joined by haute cuisine, homely traditional dishes still hold their place.

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