On The Leaner Side – Tips On Ordering Healthy When Dining Out

May 08 00:00 2001 Print This Article

Not sure what to order? For leaner cuisine, you can order these foods with confidence. Even if they don't appear on the menu, restaurants that prepare food to order may serve these items to you. Just ask.

Fresh fruit cup, broth, bouillon, or consomme, fruit or vegetable juice, marinated vegetables, crudites, or raw vegetables, with a yogurt or salsa dip, seafood cocktail

Hard rolls or whole-wheat buns, French or Italian bread, bread sticks, melba toast, or saltine crackers

Salads with dressing on the side, vegetables, steamed vegetables, plain or with a lemon wedge, grilled or roasted vegetables

Lean meat, fish, and poultry that are broiled, grilled, or roasted, with any sauces served on the side (remove visible fat and poultry skin); vegetarian dishes that go easy on cheese or cheese sauces

Fruit ice or sorbet, fresh fruit, angel food cake with fruit, low-fat frozen yogurt, cappuccino

Source: The American Dietetic Association’s Complete Food & Nutrition Guide “by Roberta Larson Duyff, MS, RD, CFCS

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