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Simple, New Test Offers More Reliable Health Screening For Newborns

Baby feet must be the most adorable things on earth. Even more than a source for tickling, however, your baby’s foot actually offers a precious gift: an invaluable glimpse into your baby’s health future.

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Healthy Mouth, Healthy Baby?

Most expectant mothers will do whatever they can to safeguard the health of their unborn child. For example, many will stop drinking caffeinated beverages and alcohol and quit smoking. But these women may be surprised to find that something as simple as brushing and flossing their teeth can help reduce the risk of delivering a baby of low birth weight.

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Baby Your Newborn’s Eyes

Parents can help ensure that their babies grow to see the world through healthy eyes. Doctors encourage parents to carefully observe their baby’s eye development and to provide their newborns with special stimulation to promote full visual development.

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Infant Formula: Second Best but Good Enough

A century ago, babies who couldn’t be breast-fed usually didn’t survive. Today, although breast-feeding is still the best nourishment for infants, infant formula is a close enough second that babies not only survive but thrive.

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