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Choosing the Perfect Bottle of Wine for Any Occasion

Whether you are having wine at home or as part of a meal in a restaurant, choosing the right type need not be a bewildering experience as you face the multiple shelves in a grocery store or extensive restaurant wine list.

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Protecting Children’s Teeth At Home And At School

Learning about what kids drink at school may help keep their teeth healthy. Soda vending machines are in many of the nation’s junior high and high schools. Between classes, many students drink soda because they are thirsty, while some want the caffeine some of the beverages contain.

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Debugging the Dispenser

After a restaurant patron in Cincinnati complained last summer that his iced tea smelled like sewage, the city’s health department sampled iced tea from several area restaurants. The study revealed high levels of coliform bacteria, prompting the state of Kentucky to launch a similar survey of its restaurants – and how to properly prepare brewed iced tea.

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Tonic in a Teapot?

The first documented reference to tea, according to the Tea Council of the U.S.A., came in 350 A.D., and although early claims have not been validated by 20th century science, recent studies do show some evidence that polyphenols – chemicals in tea with antioxidative and other biochemical properties – may, in fact, have value in protecting against some serious ailments.

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Barolo: A Trip to Italy at a Fraction of the Price

Magic. It’s in every bottle of Barolo. There is, simply, no other wine like it. Barolo is filled with fruit, yet has a tightness, a restraint, that keeps it from being the kind of plump red wine you find in California. Instead, it has the kind of tannins and bite that make it special.

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