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Rock the School Bake Sale with Choco-Mint Crownies

Back-to-school season marks the start of the most delicious extracurricular activity: bake sales. This year, there’s a new treat in town – and it’s a creative combination of two bake sale favorites. Half vanilla-rich chocolate chip cookie, half cool peppermint brownie, the Choco-Mint Crownie satisfies two cravings at once.

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Grab and Go Snacks

Summer is the season when families and friends pile into cars and head for vacation spots. This summer, pack some wholesome, nutritious snacks for the ride and satisfy their appetites while keeping them healthy.

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Easy-To-Pack Peanut Treats Score Big With Sports Fans

Going to the game? Better pack your ice chest. A growing number of fans agree that a sporting event without a tailgate party is like a football field without goal posts. Next ballgame, lead off your mobile meal with this tangy, crunchy crowd-pleaser.

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