What To Do When The Family Pet Needs A Vacation

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If you're planning a family vacation, your four-legged friend may want to nose in on the action. Planning in advance and picking up some basic items can help make that vacation "paws-down," smart and affordable.

Stick to the routine: Both dogs and cats become accustomed to a daily routine. Pack enough food to last the entire trip without suddenly changing your pet's diet, which can cause an upset stomach. Include a small water dish for use at rest stops and keep your dog on a leash to make the trip easier and more enjoyable.

Friends ease anxiety: If you're traveling without your pet consider having a friend stay in your home, which will reduce separation anxiety. Always leave your itinerary, your phone number and your veterinarian's in case of emergency. If you need to put your pet in a kennel, choose a reputable facility. Make sure animals are treated properly, exercised daily and medical attention is available. Reputable kennels welcome a pet's favorite toys, bed and their snuggly blanket.

Crate him or her for comfort: For safety and comfort always use a crate when traveling with your pet. The "den-like" environment helps him feel more secure and calm during road travel. Make sure the crate is large enough for your pet to fully turn around and don't feed your pet during travel as some animals are prone to motion sickness. Most importantly, never leave your animal in an unattended car during the sizzling summer months. Many hotels and travel lodges make special arrangements for animals so call ahead to ensure the lodging is pet friendly.

Identification is key: An identification tag with your current contact information is a surefire way to avoid unnecessary panic if separated or avoid confusion at a boarding facility.

Beat the heat: Pets need plenty of water to stay hydrated. Take frequent breaks during your travel to allow time for everyone to stretch and get some fresh air. Don't forget to pack some balls and chew toys to exercise your furry friend during rest stops and to keep him occupied during the trip.

When taking your dog on the road, make sure he has the comforts of home.

Source: NAPS

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