Wine Trivia Worth Toasting And Savoring

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Is your knowledge of wine worthy of a toast? Test your wine IQ with this quick and easy quiz of wine fun facts. Take the quiz alone or enjoy it together with dinner guests.

  1. A glass of chardonnay has the same number of calories as:
    a. A glazed doughnut-about 320
    b. A red-skinned apple-about 80
    c. One cup of two percent milk-about 120

  2. A Wine Thief is:
    a. A masked bandit who steals wine
    b. An uninvited guest at a wine-tasting party
    c. A tool used to draw wine from a barrel

  3. When drinking wine, why should the glass be held by the stem?
    a. Because it looks high-class
    b. So the heat from your hand doesn't warm the wine
    c. To prove you're a wine geek

  4. When setting the dinner table, the wine glass should be placed:
    a. On the plate
    b. Above the fork
    c. Directly to the left of the water glass

  5. The term "sur lie" refers to:
    a. The inventor of wine
    b. A gruff individual
    c. Wine resting on sediment from fermentation

  6. Chardonnay from Santa Barbara County has distinct flavors and aromas of:
    a. Violets and blackberries
    b. Pineapple and tropical fruit
    c. Strawberries and chocolate

  7. "Microclimate" is:
    a. The weather conditions in a particular section of the vineyard
    b. A word frequently used by the weather forecaster in the Emerald City
    c. A tiny mountain-climbing partner

  8. Why should wine be swirled in the glass before tasting?
    a. To invite oxygen into the glass, making it more fragrant
    b. To warm up the wine
    c. To prove, yet again, you're a wine geek

  9. Which nation drinks the most wine?
    a. Italy
    b. France
    c. USA

How did you do?

  • Seven to nine answers correct, you're a Wine Wiz:
  • Four to six answers right means you're a Sauvignon Scholar
  • Zero to three correct makes you a Bacchus Beginner


  1. b.,
  2. c.,
  3. b.,
  4. c.,
  5. c.,
  6. b.,
  7. a.,
  8. a.,
  9. b.

Source: Meridian Wine

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