Your Valentine’s Bubbly Personality

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Few things in life hold the seductive allure of a flute filled with sparkling wine; few sounds say I love you more eloquently than the succinct POP of its cork. Lets face it: bubbles are romantic. So what better way of asking, Will you be mine? this Valentines Day than to offer--and open--a bottle of bubbly?

Not all sparkling wine is Champagne, of course; that name refers only to sparkling wines produced in the Champagne region of France.

So before you automatically reach for the Champagne this Valentine's Day, think again, for there are dozens of different types of sparkling wine out there: one for every personality, every mood, every price range. Dont know whether your true love would prefer an Italian Prosecco to a German Sekt? Or maybe an American sparkling wine? Then youll love our little quiz. Just skim down the list to see which type fits your sweethearts bubbly personality, and chose your bubbles accordingly.

  • Does your darling like fishnet stockings, walks on the beach, film noir, impromptu parties? Then Spanish Cava, produced using the same mthode champenoise used in Frances Champagne region, is the ticket. Devil-may-care (but not daredevil) and slightly unconventional, Cava is affordable, yet sophisticated.

  • Does your angel know the thread count of his cotton sheets? Does she like wild mushroom risotto? Then French Champagne is the way to go. Always a classic, Champagne is elegant and smooth, with a refined earthiness. Does this dreamboat prefer osetra caviar to beluga? Youve got an extra-discerning lover, my friend. Go for the vintage.

  • Does your lover screen phone calls? If not, youve got an Italian Prosecco type on your hands: friendly, spontaneous, open, fun-loving. Fruity, light, and fun, these inexpensive spumante (frothy) wines are for people who like to make every gathering a celebration.

  • Does Mr. or Ms. Right prefer Ferris wheels with scenic views to bumper cars? Due to a long history of mediocrity, the Italian sparkler Asti Spumante has earned a poor reputation stateside. But there are many fine examples of this pretty, frothy wine available, and odds are you two lovebirds will flip over these fun, festive, inexpensive wines. Made from the Moscato Canelli grape, theyre apricot-scented, lightly sweet, and low in alcohol.

  • Does your honey eat pasta at least twice a week? Prefer Fred Astaire to John Wayne? Enjoy adventure sports such as river rafting or rock climbing? This paramour will love American sparkling wines. Lots of great examples, made from Chardonnay and/or Pinot Noir grapes and the same methods used to make Champagne, come from California and Washington state. Inexpensive, Champagne-style sparkling wines can also be found from Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Argentina, and even Franceknown as crmant.

  • Does your beau own a slotted fish spatula, a digital camera or a shaving brush? Does high-speed rail travel appeal to this perfect creature? Seek out a German Sekt (pronounced zekt). Although they run the gamut of quality, beginning with very simple sweet wines made from grapes purchased throughout Europe, the top Sekts, labeled Deutscher sekt or marked with a vintage or grape variety, are fabulous, racy, elegant sparkling wines that are waiting to be discovered. Made from Riesling, Pinot Blanc or Pinot Gris grapes, theyre also great values.

Leslie Brenner is a contributing editor at Travel + Leisure and author of Fear of Wine. Her acclaimed novel, Greetings from the Golden State, has just been released in paperback. Her newest book is The Fourth Star: Dispatches From Inside Daniel Boulud's Celebrated New York Restaurant. This article appears courtesy of WineAnswers.

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